From pretty much the instant I heard about Coraline, (based on a book by Neil Gaiman) I’d decided we had to go see it. Of course, then I made the mistake of  actually asking the kid, instead of just showing up at the theater unannounced.

When asked if she wanted to go see a cool new movie with 3D glasses and everything, her response was, “Hell no.” Well, O.K, she didn’t say hell. But she was incredibly adamant and vocal about not wanting to see the movie. After much questioning and cajoling, I finally figured out what the problem was.

A while back, we took her to see Shrek 3D while in Orlando.   She left convinced that one of the spiders had bitten her. This apparently freaked her out to the point where she refuses to see anything requiring her to wear glasses, ever again.

I explained that many people had assured me that no spiders would bite her this time. We went to the website and buttoned our eyes.

We watched the trailers and hunted for goodies on the website. We printed a poster about bravery.  And, she eventually got excited about it. My cajoling worked,  and she agreed to go.

Off we went, with popcorn and salmonella laden Reece’s Pieces. We got our seats, it wasn’t too crowded.  The previews came on, 3-D and all.

And she refused to put the glasses on.

Flat out refused. I finally just stuck them on her, and she freaked out during the previews. So, like any good mother who wanted to actually see the movie would do,  I dragged her out into the hallway, and had the “big girl’s don’t scream at previews” talk with her. I told her if she got scared she could look away and stick her fingers in her ears if she wanted, but damn it, we were watching the movie.

Cue the opening scene.

“Hey that’s the house from the computer! That’s Coraline’s house!”

It didn’t take long for her to get sucked in by the movie. About five seconds. The glasses went on and off though, so I am not sure what she missed.

For the record: The movie was awesome. The sheer beauty and detail of it all was absolutely breathtaking. Just thinking about how much work went into making everything blows my mind.  I also totally want a dollhouse version of the house. For me.

The storyline was pretty simple, it was creepy without being terrifying or gross, and it was even quite funny at times. Coraline, the main character, was brave and smart. We both enjoyed it quite a bit.  Go see it.

It was totally worth dragging my kid to. Guilt and all.


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