Random Updates.

The man is taking a vacation with some of his old friends. They are going to Tampa for some pirate thing. Considering the last few weeks, this is probably a very good thing.  I could use the time alone, also. Although I am using the term “alone” very loosely here.

The Kid just celebrated her 100th day of school, which is apparently, something to be celebrated. Who knew?

As for me, well, I had another specialist appointment. My liver is hanging in there, you’ll be glad to know.

I’ve also got a whole regiment of new medication . I spent hours yesterday trying to figure out how and when to take everything. One medication can not be taken with food, one must always be taken with food, one can not be taken within four hours of any other medication,  and so on. Finally, I was down to choosing between giving up one medication or giving up eating.  Sigh. I finally called the doctor and told him to figure it out for me.



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5 responses to “Random Updates.

  1. Gods, that medication regimen must suck majorly. Hope you’re feeling better, and feel free to give me a yell 🙂

  2. It takes some getting used to anyway. 😉

  3. Some pirate thing in Tampa? Should I warn my sister-in-law to lock her doors when she goes out?

    Hope you get the meds figured out. I take a bunch for another reason and it is a royal pain.

  4. CJ

    Hang in there girl! You will figure it all out! Enjoy your “space”!

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