Television Roundup Time!

(Possible spoilers ahead)

Because we can all see where my head is at these days, let’s talk about something other than the contents of my depressed brain.

Television is always good for a distraction.

I have to confess, the purging of my TIVO a few months back, didn’t exactly stick. We all know I am a sucker for any TV with a plot, and during the recent holiday television drought, I ended up catching back up on CSI-Miami and Fringe. So, they have been given a respite from …um… wherever shows go to cry once they have been kicked off my TIVO.

I admit, the main reason I’m staying with CSI: Miami is the vague interest in the possible hookup between Calli and Delco. And, well, the same goes for Fringe, except it’s Olivia and Peter I’m waiting on.

Also, I like the cow.

Other random TV comments as follows:

Prison Break: Got canceled, apparently. Sigh. While I was originally happy that the head in the box turned out to only be some OTHER head that only looked like Sara’s, her being alive has taken some of the, er passion, out of the show, it seems. And while, because I am a huge TV geek,  I am still loyal to the show, I do understand how it can be seen as having “Jumped the Shark” or whatever. I would like them to put a little thought into wrapping it up though. I do care about the eternal fates of Lincoln and Michael. Make it a good one, okay?

Lost: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST! Lost! Yay! OK, sorry. Got carried away there. If you are on my Twitter then you know I’m a Lost fan, and very thrilled that is has finally come back. I do not, however have a ‘thing’ for any of the male cast members. Unlike every other female on Twitter, apparently. (I ❤ you guys anyway) If you want more Lost entertainment, or are just a complete dork, there are some people playing the lost characters on Twitter too.  Sawyer is particularly chatty and amusing.

FYI: Pando’s brain is on Hiatus right now, and has not left a notice as to when it might return. In the meantime, expect random filler and picture posts.


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