Small Things 1/365

So, I have seen this around in a few places, and it just seemed like something I needed to do. I tend to get caught up in the more unpleasant aspects of my life. (See: The Sick and The Kids) Sometimes I let it get to me. And lately I have been. I am just, so tired. Feeling sick every day, I need some reminders of why life is worth living.

So, I’m going to try to be more observant of the little things in life again.  Starting with these.

1: It’s not actually snowing here. Nor will it.  Actually, I could be sunbathing right now.

2: The click-noise-pet-training thing appears to be somewhat effective in controlling the beasts and their barking, anyway.

3: Twitter. Twitter. TWITTER.

4: Super Paper Mario. Yes. For Srs.

5: People. (sometimes that’s on my 5 things I hate about today list too, but what can you do?)


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