On the way to take the kid to school this morning, the world was once again shrouded by a thick blanket of fog.

It fits very well with my current state of mind.

You see, I am living in a fog. My world is covered and I am alone in the haze.

I can’t see very far ahead of myself. When I try to shine a light into the murk all I get back is a reflection. I can’t tell where I am going. I have no vision of the future.

The problems I face are just strange, lurking monoliths.

I know they are there, but I can’t see them.

I sense them. I feel them. Surrounding me, pressing down on me from all sides, like the buildings I passed by this foggy morning.

(One of these days I am going to drive right into one.)

I know there are other people here too, in my fog. I can tell they are here with me, but I can’t see them very well, and they… well, they can’t see me at all.

Maybe I am the fog. Maybe I am disappearing.


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Filed under Rants, Rambling, and Musing.

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