So, I’m supposed to be shitting in a hat right now. I promise I won’t blog about it...wait, I just blogged about it, scratch that. I promise I won’t take pictures of it. Deal?

Um, anyway, I also should be cleaning and writing, you know, actual content and stuff. Instead, I am pretty much just sitting here drooling. And procrastinating. And obsessively checking Twitter. And trying not to barf in my shoes. I’m only succeeding marginally on that last one.

So. In lieu of content, expect some Boards and Wants. Also, have some completely random crap:

Foggy Morning:

Yep. Foggy trees. Thrilling, huh?


At what age do you let a kid shower independently, and NOT lose a bottle of shampoo and flood the bathroom?

Should we mulch this or use river rocks:

Yep, more random leaves and shit.

And finally, I finally linked my blog to my Facebook, and now I feel rather dirty. Like parts of my life that shouldn’t touch are touching and  now I’m all weirded out.

Anyway, if you came here from my Facebook,  and you are my neighbor, all that shit I said yesterday was about my other neighbor, OK?


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