Good Fences and Neighbors

I assume you’ve heard the saying “Good fences make good neighbors”

Well, we need a better fence.

Also some advice on getting these fuckers to behave.

Don't let the cute fool you.

And, lest you get upset about me calling my dogs “fuckers” I direct you here.

The big one digs holes for the little one to squeeze under, and the last 4 times, those holes have been directly into the neighbors yard.

Needless to say, the neighbor is not amused. I can’t blame him much either.

Our dogs also bark at each other when they are both out, although, I feel somewhat less bad about that since, before we had a dog, his little yappy one used to bark at us continuously whenever we were outside. And also shit on our front lawn.

Did I mention that I’m convinced the guy stole our recycling bin?

But, back to the fence, the ones the dogs keep getting under. It’s their fence, and it’s rotting. falling apart. Boards literally fall off into our yard. and the bottom half is partially gone in places, so the dogs don’t need to work real hard to get through it.

We have lined the bottom of the fence with wood, and the dogs have since dug under that.  So we have resorted to keeping the little one on a chain when he is outside.  I need a better idea, that won’t cost millions of dollars. (We have a huge yard)

Also, do any of those bark stopping things work? Keep in mind, I can’t put a shock collar on a 5lb chihuahua.



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2 responses to “Good Fences and Neighbors

  1. Brittany

    Do the electric fence. Its the only thing that works, trust me.

    Its intermittent so it wont kill her. Promise.

  2. Brittany

    It costs about 80 bucks. Go to a local feed store. Petsmart or Petco is a rip off.

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