Want: Blocks

It appears I have gone from twelve to, oh, about four years old. You see, I have this strange urge to start collecting odd and unique wooden blocks of all shapes and sizes.  If I could afford to collect anything, these would be first up. Well, maybe after “Squishy Pillows.” (No, I admit, I only said that because I’m getting lots of google hits for that phrase lately)

I would love to have an entire wall of my house made completely of different wooden blocks.

Seriously. Valentines Day? Buy. Me. Blocks.

First up, these kid friendly ones:

Tell a story with blocks. For those days when you are super drunk and can't talk.

You can put them together and make little stories out of them. I may have to make a few of my own, but, just think of the fun you could have with story telling blocks! The man! Swam! Into the Tiger! And the Bird Rejoiced!

These look pretty fun as well:

City people!I especially love the expressions on the faces of these people. (I’m looking at you, mustache-guy) Think of the stories you could create by adding them to the ones above.

Then I discovered, to my delight, that they actually make blocks intended for grown-ups. I am not a freak! Hurray. Rejoice, and then buy these:

I am not alone in my block fetish. They are even Arty. And we all know how I feel about Arty.

Speaking of, check these out:

Arty AND antique. Score! I really really love these things.  The words you see there are excerpts from a 1960’s phonics book that no one understands. Obscure books=win.

Every picture is clickable,  and all roads lead to Etsy this time. And, that was intentional.  I am a huge fan of supporting individuals and independent artists, and Etsy is chock full of them. But, be warned, you may want to stock up on handmade kids stuff now, because if that law passes as is, many of these amazing artists will be forced out of buisiness. What am I talking about? Save Handmade. And while you are at it, save books too.


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  1. My grandfather made a fairly large set of blocks for me as a kid.. no decorations just beautifully sanded and stained wood of various types, sizes, weights.. it was awesomes.

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