And The People Have Spoken

I wanted to write a prolific, meaningful  post today, to honor the day, but I don’t even have the words. Just some scattered thoughts.

No matter where you go in your travels today, I am sure you will be hearing about the inauguration of Barack Obama.  Hopefully, (Heh, pun intended)  you will hear about it with at least some optimism, some hope for a brighter tomorrow attached to it, regardless of what side the person doing the talking is on. I mean, no matter how you feel about the guy, really, he can’t be any worse than the last guy. Also, other countries seem to hate us less now that we have elected him, and that’s probably a good thing.

And if he keeps even a few of his promises, my life may improve significantly. (Think health care for chronically ill people.)

It seems like the loudest people are split into two factions, one being the group that thinks he is going to save the world in a few hours by activating his wonder twin power rings with Biden at the inauguration because he is the messiah. (Also: Farts rainbows), and the other that is convinced he is the  Muslim Antichrist who is going to suddenly bust out the gangsta rap and shout “I fooled you, bitches!”

They both need a reality check, in my opinion.

(Also, if one more person on either side tells me he is going to get assassinated, I am going to just explode. That’s not helpful. Or cool. Or funny. or really, anything other than disgusting.)

He is just a person. I don’t think he is godly, or evil, he is just a man, doing the best he can. He seems to be a man with good dreams and good intentions though, a good man, and that’s good enough for me at this point.

Good luck President Obama.

Here's to a new day.

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