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It’s time for the highlights of the last few days in my world.

First up, three hours of staring at this last Thursday:Don't stare at the green too long. Just...don't.

Which, while it is a huge pain in my ass, is necessary for me to do at least once a month in order to get these:

Even my drugs like Nintendo.

Friday was mostly punctuated by some rather off color language coming from the man here, mostly due to this:

Note that *I* remained safely inside during this. I know better.

And the weekend was mostly spent turning this:

Nothing to see here, it's justa hallway. Even *I* can't find much to snark at there.

Into this: Yeah, its still wet. I also organized various closets and cupboards, pantries and shelves, and I even survived a trip to evil Wal-Mart. (Where we somehow spent 100 bucks on like, spackle and cat food.)


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