Want: Things to stick to my walls, Because I am Twelve.

A veritable metropolis for your wall.

So, how cool would my kid be if she got to have this on the wall behind her train table? I love how it kind of looks like a modern city, and kind of looks like a space invaders level.

Its going in the bathroom so I can poo in a fairy wonderlandI am not even kidding about the bathroom thing. I would totally paper the crapper with this.  I spend hours a day in there as it is, why not make it a little happier? I do rather wish there was a unicorn in the forest though.

Nothing says, "I'm a huge geek" than having this in the front room. Last, but by no means least, There is this stuff. I have no words for how thrilled I was when I first saw this stuff, and my first reaction was basically “Gimme!”. If Super Mario is not your thing, (Oh the blasphemy!) I’m pretty sure there exists a newer Mario, as well as possibly a Space Invaders motif.


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