Soon, Soon.

The day many of us have been counting down to, is almost here.  We are very close to inaugurating a new President of the United States.

There are various campaigns about celebrating, and encouraging you to celebrate, the moment Bush is finally out of our lives, and out of our White House. People are coming up with some, rather, erm, creative ways to commemorate this moment.

You have probably noticed the button I have had up for awhile now, linking to Mominatrix’s “Shave the Date” campaign, which, is encouraging participants to, well, shave the bush in honor of the event.

If that is not your thing, or if you have no bush to shave, there is always this,  (Via Eclexia.) Commence shoe-blogging!

(Which reminds me.)

However you choose to acknowledge this day, however you feel about Bush, January 20th, 2009 is going to be a historic moment, and even if the future is not the enchanted forest of hope and change we were promised, it can’t possibly be any worse than this:

ByeNow.Photo via

Is it just me, or does he kind of look like one of those creepy guys who go around in trench coats flashing random passerby, in this picture? Maybe I’m just biased.



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2 responses to “Soon, Soon.

  1. definitely creepy-flasher-trench-coat-guy

  2. Seeing the guy leaving will be one of the most important days to date imo that and seeing Obama enter the Whitehouse. Not being an American probably doesn’t give me much right to say but Bush pisses me off as much as our primeminister Brown does his term has at long last come to an end it’ll be good to see the change Obama will bring.

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