And… back to Bullying.

Since I know you guys are following this story oh-so-carefully: The kid that has been bullying The Kid is at it again.  Apparently yesterday he punched her several times in the back and kidneys while they were in line. When she tried to tell the teacher about it, she was shushed because there is no talking in line.

Yes. Grr.

I sent a note to school with her this morning, so hopefully this situation will be watched a little better. I know that teachers have lots of kids to watch and can’t keep an eye on mine specifically all day long, but this has happened before, and I have asked to have them kept apart in class. Now he is finding her at lunch and in lines apparently.

I have told her that if he touches her again, she is to SCREAM ” Stop hitting me.” As loud as she can. Hopefully THAT will get the teachers attention.

Yes, this is the same kid that spits on her and tells her all kinds of horrible things.

Anyway, I’ve only got time to vent about that, because I am headed off to the doctors today. But I have more “real posts” brewing, promise.


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  1. You just tell me who to punch.

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