Want: Random Wooden Things.

I have a fetish for wooden toys. I really do. I can’t explain it. I just love them. They make me happy. And, as an added bonus, the brands I like are not generally smeared with lead paint.

A while back, when we decided to get the kid a play kitchen,  the man wanted to get her one of those deluxe plastic deals, with all the bells and whistles. But I refused, and held my ground, and we ended up with an simple wooden kitchen from Target, with a burner and a door. This thing only took four hours to assemble and whenever we go to anyone’s house it’s pointed out to me repeatedly how much she enjoys playing with the super fancy kitchen, but I don’t care because ours is way cooler.

Sorry kiddo. Mom’s a toy snob. And you will forever be subjected to shit like this:

Rar. I am a dragon. Being all Dragon Like.Kid: Um what’s it do?

Me: It’s a dragon. It does dragon stuff.

Kid:  Does it play songs?

Me: No.

Kid: Does it light up?

Me: No.

Kid: Can I plug my IPod into it?

Me: No. It’s a dragon. It’s ferocious. And stuff.  Use your damn imagination!

Kid: Sigh. Can I have REAL TOYS next year?

Me: No. You are getting this:

These animals know their alphabet.Kid: Big Sigh.

For the record, she really does like the wooden food and kitchen stuff.  I’m totally adding these to her birthday list:

Yes, it is a wooden fridge. Yum! Wooden toast!Also, if you were wondering why there is a head of lettuce over in my stylefeeder, its because you can’t have an awesome wooden fridge without having an awesome head of cloth lettuce to go in it.

What every kid wants, I assure you.

Eat your vegetables, kids.

*Don’t forget, mousing over the pictures is half the fun.*


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