Not News

Here are some headlines you might have  missed:

<Italics and pictures and snarky hover comments added by me>

Portly ‘Ninja’ Tries To Steal ATMs In Fla.

Deputies Seek Pot-Bellied Man Wearing Ninja Outfit

Here is an artists rendering of the suspect: I is stealing all your ATM's!

Baby Moose Falls Through Wash. Family’s Window

Calf Reunited With Mother, Sibling

And the people said "Aww."

Normal, Ill., Couple Weds At Taco Bell

Groom Calls Relationship ‘Offbeat’

The “Yo Quero Taco Bell” dog and his mate make an appearance as ring bearer and flower dog.

Waaaay too much shit comes up when you google image "Chihuahua Wedding"

George the 140-year-old lobster to be released by New York restaurant

A New York restaurant has said it will free a 140-year-old lobster nicknamed George that was caught in the Atlantic Ocean two weeks ago

In recent news, Cute Cat Eaten By Huge Lobster. Lobster later gave PETA the finger ( possibly, its hard to tell with claws) and could be heard muttering “suckers” under his breath as he scuttled away. Cat will be missed.



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