Why? Really… Why?

So, I just heard the best little bit of information. (Thanks, Fake News!)

Plumbing Israel

Joe the plumber has decided to go to Gaza. Yes. Really. I know.

When I heard about this I has to look it up because it just seemed to insane to be true.  Alas, it appears to be a fact. Some site named after Pajamas is sending him to Israel. Because, yeah, that’s what this situation needs, some asshole who’s fifteen minutes of fame need to be over already, wandering around in the middle of a conflict saying shit like ” God will protect me because I am Christian.”

Well, O.K, what he actually said was:

“Being a Christian, I’m pretty well protected by God, I believe. That’s not saying he’s going to stop a mortar for me, but you gotta take the chance,” he added.

Which, may possibly be more offensive and ignorant.

I have several questions, but at the top of the list is “Who the hell is this guy anyway?” and “Why do we care what he has to say?”

Does he even know anything about the situation? Does he have any idea what is going on over there? You know what? Even if he does… I just don’t care. I have no interest whatsoever in his opinion. Is there some reporter shortage I have not yet heard about? Have we run out of all qualified and semi-qualified people to send over there, and now we must resort to sending our conservative plumbers?  We need this guy to explain to us why Israeli forces are mounting attacks against Hamas? Really? Pajamacom couldn’t find anyone even slightly more appropriate or relevant?

He may be Mr. Everyman here, (So Fox News keeps telling us, anyway) but what makes him think the people over there are going to want to talk to him, specifically?

Maybe I’m biased against him, because I have a hard time believing that anyone who thinks Sarah Palin is the “real deal” could not be completely insane.

I just don’t get it.

Picture shamelessly borrowed from daylife.com


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  1. Please, come to TN and help me remove my head from my desk. I think it got stuck.


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