What. The. Fuck?

Don't Shoot

There are no words to express my shock upon reading about and watching this. There are several other video’s and articles floating around. (Shamelessly stolen from Polerin-Thank you for bringing this to my attention)

Please be aware before you click those links that this is footage of a man being murdered.

I am aware that this is outside of the normal scope of this blog. They can’t all be poo posts. Sorry.

In all seriousness, this video needs to be passed around. This story needs to be told. I’ve watched this from every angle available, and I just can not see any possible way that a man lying face down on the ground, apparently in handcuffs, was a threat to any ones life. As far as I am aware, police are only supposed to kill people when they are posing a threat. (You know, like when they are fucking armed, for example.)

We should not let this kind of shit pass unnoticed. This is NOT okay. This man had a child. And even if he didn’t, it still would not be OK.

Update: The people protest. Officer who shot Oscar Grant resigns.

Also added poached photo courtesy of  Daylife from protest.


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One response to “What. The. Fuck?

  1. Rowan

    I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video, but having read the article I’m absolutely sickened. You get examples of cops abusing their power all the time… However this truly takes the cake. Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

    Sometimes I’m ashamed to be the same SPECIES as these monsters.

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