It’s Monday! One more day until school starts back up!

I really wanted to give you something of substance and wit (Wit? Here?)to start the week off with… really I did.


Not that I don’t love spending time with my child. Don’t get me wrong.  I love every second with her. Um. Mostly. But, have I mentioned the talking thing?

Yeah, a typical day with her goes something like:

<I stumble out of bed and wander towards the kitchen, only to be accosted by a small cheerful blonde>

Hey Mommy! Goodmorning Mommy! Nice hairdo! I like your feet! here! Today is a costume party day! You can be a cowboy! Okay?

<adorns me with cowboy hat and bandanna>

Hey! Watch this! Watch this! Watch this!

< I watch>

Are you watching? Good! Look Are you watching!

<She jumps twice>

Did you see? I jumped and then i stopped and then I jumped again! It was soo cool. did you see? did you see? Did you see? mommy? mom? mummy? mom? mommy? mommy? hey! Mommy!

<I dismiss those images from Family Guy from my head and nod and smile>

Hey, Mommy, I had an, um, idea!

< What’s that Sweetie? I ask>

I um, wanted to um, you know, um, look, a spider! Omg did you see that spider? It was soooo yucky. Oh, I forgot its your little birthday. Here’s a balloon. that’s your little birthday balloon. I’m sending my magic friends over for your party okay? Okay? Mommy? Okay? Is that okay?

<I nod. Sure sweetie. Inside though, my head explodes a little. And I finally make it to the coffeepot>

Less than 24 hours, people. And counting.


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