Things to do in Atlanta.

So..We are thinking about taking a mini vacation, and going up to Atlanta for a weekend. Mainly because its the next interesting place closest to us after Orlando, and we really need to have some fun around here.

I have had a few suggestions so far, The Aquarium, The World of Coke, and

The High Museum of Art.

I’m also looking for hotel/shopping/dining suggestions. Or places to avoid. Keep in mind the child ( though shes pretty O.K. with most things now) and the need for bathrooms to be somewhat easy to get to. Feel free to email me suggestions/ideas at pandorican AT gmail DOT com. Or comment them. Whatever.


In other news, I’m tired. physically I have not been having the best of weeks, or months for that matter. Between the 3 weeks and counting of the random flu-that-never-ends and the normal stuff, plus staying up until 2 am writing, chatting with my new “bff’s” and googling myself, (all very important tasks, I assure you) I’m all worn out.

I have been doing 30 minutes a day or so on the Wii Fit, which has been helping my energy level. I am curious about the weight accuracy of the balance board though. It seems to be under-weighing us all to start, and ignoring the fact that I told it I was wearing a four pound T-shirt, it claims I have lost quite a bit of weight in only a few days.

Which, I mean, may very well be possible, because I do tend to fluctuate quite a bit due to the sick, but I’m not sure it’s quite so drastic as the Wii claims. And no, before you ask, I never bothered to buy a real scale, and refuse to go weight myself in public, mostly because the kid likes to shout random things out, and I can guarantee you that my weight would be one of those things.

Not that I’m complaining or anything. If it wants to make me smaller, I’m not one to argue. Behold the power of the hula hoop!

Sigh. And I so want to be able to fit back in to my “Slutty Genie With Random Veil and Odd Belt And Also Nylon Body Stocking” costume.

Oh yeah.I Dream of Blurry Genie.


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  1. Heh. Remind me to tell you the story about Bryce quoting Die Hard. We heard about that one from Lissa’s parents 😛

    I can see if any of my friends have things to do/see in Atlanta, but they will likely be fairly geek centered.

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