So, You’d Like to Take a Picture?

My subject was a simple one. The wooden castle that the kid had received  as a holiday gift. The mission? A still photo using the color intensifying effect built into the camera. Today I spent working with red, and wandering around my house searching for things with bits of red in them to highlight. And the castle seemed like a likely subject.

All was quiet and everyone was occupied elsewhere. I settled down on the floor and snapped a few shots to frame my subject:

(As always, hover-snark enabled. Mouse over for commentary)

Ah, what a lovely castle!My! What a lovely castle, you might think! I’d love to see more!

Oh Noes! An Invading army!

Wait.. what’s that?

Help! We are being over run by the enemy!

Dog: Were you trying to take a picture of this thing? I wanna see!

Kid: Hey Mom! What are you doing? taking a picture of a castle? Cool! Hey, you know what this picture needs Mommy?

Mrrrrr...oooo rrrr moorrr rrr

An incredibly ugly cow penguin thing! Yes!

Oh! And also:

You can't not look. You just can't.

And X-Wing fighter! And a dog’s ass!


At which point I give in.

Ahhh.. Fuck it. Its perfect just the way it is.



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