This weeks collection of weird/stupid stuff:

First, there’s this spectacularly, awesomely distasteful song, courtesy of SNL. ( It’s NSFW and probably not appropriate around children) I’m sure you have probably seen it, as it has been virally spreading all month, but I couldn’t resist linking it yet again. It’s just that bad.

This link, originally posted on ThinkGeek’s Twitter, kinda makes my eyes bleed.

Upon the leaking of the now infamous shoe video, many parodies were spawned. This one is full of win, maybe. You tell me.

Tragic, yet, also…

What the hell? Courtesy of Papagolash.

For the two NIN fans reading, serious lols here. Here too.

Also, because I love to shamelessly self promote, here are  my three most popularhumorposts to keep you busy while I am off doing holiday type things.


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