So, driving through my neighborhood has really been starting to depress the shit out of me. The overabundance of the McCain/Palin signs and the “Just say no to gay marriage” crap is really making me lose my faith in humanity. People have a right to disagree, and people even have a right to like and respect McCain.  (But.. how anyone can think Palin is a good idea?  Have you all had lobotomies?) I just don’t see how anyone living in this fucking reality can think that another Bush-ish regime is going to be good for us. And all you assholes who still think Bush is the greatest thing since sliced bread, seriously?

Now, I realize that I live in the south. And that I live in a rather rural area of the south.  So, I keep hoping people in other places are more.. educated. And.. driving to an appointment today i had a chance to go through a neighborhood  I don’t pass by much. A relatively upscale place, where people have money. And I was gratified to see so many Obama signs and even a few ” Let gay’s marry” signs. Maybe the country isn’t fucked after all.


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