We dumped the kid at the hourly crap-hole for a few hours and had a date. It’s been months since we have had a minute alone.. Did I say months? I meant years. What did we do with our few hours of freedom, you ask? We saw Batman, of course.

And yes, it was just about as good as advertised. I did get a little tired of his scratchy “I’m Batman not Bruce Wayne, Really” voice. But.. it was dark, and complex and pretty, well.. awesome.. as promised. The best part, to me , was that it was true to the idea of Batman that I have had in my head since I was a wee fan. He’s always been my favorite superhero. Because.. hes flawed. Because he doesn’t have superpowers, just passion and a sense of justice.

And I actually like Christian Bale, who played him these past two movies, he did it well and he’s pretty hot too. 

And then we get the kid, and shes all depressed because some other asshole kid told her shes not a ” Karate Girl” And therefore she is nothing. My four year old told me she was nothing.

So it begins. And here comes school. How do I keep the other kids from breaking her spirit? Shes so awesome and so happy. I know I am biased and all, but she really.. has a super personality and I’m gonna be so upset if it gets crushed by those little assholes telling her she is nothing. I guess I should get used to it, huh?


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